“We take you There”


Welcome to Earthly African Diversions.

We aim to provide a holistic approach to a nature experience, by providing tailor made outings or excursions to suite your individual needs and interests.

Whether your interests are in the small and wonderful creatures, the vegetation or the large and magnificent species of the animal kingdom we will customize a tour to incorporate your choices.

Maybe it is the feathered friends that you wish to spend your days observing, or getting a thrill from seeing the vast open spaces from the silence of a hot air balloon drifting unobtrusively over the landscape.

At Earthly African Diversions we will make it our personal mission that “We take you There”.


The magnificent Sugar bush Protea flower

Earthly African Diversions

Elephant Bull in the Kruger National Park

The magic of an early morning ‘Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safari’

Spotted Eagle Owl


The endangered Wild dog at De Wildt Cheetah Reserve